Can you sell your house in GTA 5?

Can you sell your house in GTA 5?

If you want to advance in GTA Online, one of the biggest resources you can get in the game is ownership. The purchase of the first property may take some time and will require you to complete the mission and robbery to increase finances. Can you sell your house in GTA 5?

Yes, although it’s not as easy as putting it on the market. Players can have multiple properties at once, including flats, garages, nightclubs, offices and warehouses, depending on what they’ve unlocked, and selling properties often involves exchanging buildings.

However, you cannot sell a building without essentially exchanging it for another. You do not sell real estate as much as you exchange, offsetting the value of the money earned on selling the old building. It still means you can earn money by selling buildings: you can buy a garage for $ 25,000 and exchange it for a night club worth $ 750,000, basically earning a total of $ 725,000 (and you keep the garage infected with rats all the time). If you don’t want any buildings and just want money, all you can really do is replace it with the cheapest, worst buildings that Los Santos has to offer to maximize your profit.

Below, step by step, how to sell (read: replace) your old apartments in GTA Online.

Step 1: Buy a property

GTA 5 does not allow you to own more than six properties, regardless of whether they are apartments or houses. It also doesn’t allow them to be sold; it only allows them to be replaced when the number of properties owned reaches the limit of six.

If you do not have six properties yet, you must first buy them before you can “sell” them. Here’s how you can buy a property at GTA Online:

  • Open your cell phone
  • Choose Internet
  • Go to the Money and services menu
  • Select the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website
  • Buy a property
Can you sell your house in GTA 5?

Step 2: Real estate

If you already have six different instances of real estate in the game, you can start exchanging them. Here’s how to do it:

  • Repeat the above sequence above, trying to buy the seventh piece of the property
  • The game will warn you that you cannot have more than six
  • As a result, I will offer you to exchange one of the previously purchased apartments or houses for a new one
  • Select the property you want to sell in the conversion menu that appears after notification
  • Confirm the exchange operation
  • As a result, the game will refund money to your account from the property for which you decided to exchange.

The number of properties that a player can own at one time has increased significantly since the release of GTA Online, as more and more updates added various types of buildings to buy. The total number you can have at the time of writing is as follows:

  • Flats / garages / houses: 6
  • Motorcycle clubs: 1
  • Companies from motorcycle clubs: 5
  • Offices: 1
  • Garages CEO: 3
  • Vehicle warehouses: 1
  • Box magazines: 5
  • Yachts: 1
  • Bunkers: 1
  • Hangers: 1




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