How to Lower LDL Cholesterol?

How to lower LDL cholesterol

Maintaining good health is one of the most important priorities in life. Without health nobody can truly enjoy their life. Even something as simple as common cold can cause very miserable few days until the body fights off the infection.

Unfortunately, not every disease is easy to notice, nor does it go away as soon as a common cold. Many health issues can develop over years, completely unrecognized for what they truly are. And in most cases, such issues are in direct relation to the lifestyle someone leads. Everyday routine has tremendous effect on health. What a certain person eats and drinks, how much time they spent being active and how much on sitting behind a desk or driving a car… those are all supposedly unimportant things that in the long run affect the state of one’s health.

Diet especially is something that should be carefully regulated. Both quantity and quality of food is important when it comes to health. Unfortunately, most people spent less and less time thinking on what they eat. Fast food is, as its very name implies, fast and therefore has a large gathering of fans all over the world. It’s easy to buy, it’s cheap and often it’s rather tasty and addictive. It’s also filled with saturated fats, empty calories and preservatives. Over time such diet causes a wide variety of symptoms. One of the most obvious signs of bad food choices is obesity. But a poorly managed diet also leads to high level of LDL cholesterol and that can be far more dangerous than being overweight.

Although not many people know, but cholesterol is essential for the body to work. Its one of the building blocks of almost every human cell. At the same time the source of cholesterol molecules, its form and its amount is important. Too much LDL cholesterol is a leading cause behind arteriosclerosis, which in turn causes a number of heart problems. That includes high blood pressure and even higher possibility of strokes or heart attacks. In short, high level of LDL cholesterol in blood is very dangerous. More and more people around the world suffer from this problem, starting with middle-age or even earlier.

Therefore, how to lower LDL cholesterol is a question that many asks themselves but the answers aren’t always what they want to hear. The most obvious and also the best answer to that question is that to lower LDL cholesterol, it is necessary to introduce some huge changes in lifestyle. More importantly, it is essential to change the dietary habits. But if someone wants to know exactly how to lower LDL cholesterol, they should study what is LDL cholesterol and where can it be found. That way it is easy to spot which food products should be avoided. One of those categories is definitely every food that is rich in saturated fats. They are the biggest enemy of everyone who struggles with their high cholesterol problem. Saturated fats can be found in red meat and most of dairy products. Aside from saturated fats, another problematic fat group are trans fats. They are byproducts of highly processed vegetable oils and there is plenty of them in cookies, pies, crackers or margarines. So, if someone wonders how to lower LDL cholesterol, they should start by introducing healthier fats into their diet, such as omega-3 fatty acids. Those are easy to find in nuts and fatty fish like salmon.

Another good idea is to eat a lot of products containing fibre. The more, the better. Fibre is also very good for plenty of other reasons than its effect on lowering LDL cholesterol, so a diet full of fibre is a win-win from every angle. Similar case can be made about whey protein. Whey protein lowers both LDL cholesterol levels and helps to reduce triglycerides. All of it leads to the overall improvement of health, especially when it comes to heart issues. Diet filled with aforementioned products will definitely help avoid any issues with cholesterol. Anyone who wishes to protect their heart and their future health should start by immediately filling their daily meals with healthier food products.



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