Is insurance higher for red cars?

Is insurance higher for red cars?

How did you decide to choose the color of your car? For most people, you choose a color that you like and that will not get tired of the view. After all, you’ll be driving this car for a long time. Choose a color based on your personal preferences. If it’s red, you’ve probably heard from someone that red cars cost more. Is insurance higher for red cars?

No. Your insurance company does not take into account the color of your vehicle when calculating your car insurance rates. This is one of the 6 most popular myths about car insurance. The type of car you drive – the car, truck, convertible – and vehicle model are taken into account, but not the color of the car. So choose a red sports car and remember that insurance can cost more than a red minivan.

Will you get more in a red car?

Another myth about red cars is that a police officer is more exposed to the train while riding in one of them. There is no clear data to verify this myth; however, some studies show that some car models are more common than others. conducted a study in 2016 in which researchers analyzed data on claims and traffic offenses for over 300 car models. The study showed that the models with the highest road ticket rates were a combination of luxury and economy vehicles. Drivers must remember that the police are pulling them based on their behavior. These studies also indicate that people with poor driving performance are more interested in this type of vehicle.

Is insurance higher for red cars?

When color matters

Red does not necessarily affect insurance rates, but it is possible that custom painting will be. Non-standard varnish works may be treated by some insurance companies as additional non-standard parts or equipment. Even if it increases your contributions, it won’t be much. At best, it will be a small additional fee.

But for the most frequently stolen car colors, consider yourself lucky if you have a red car. In 2012, CCC Information Services announced that car thieves prefer to buy green, gold, black and white cars. Silver is the most frequently stolen car color.

In this case, car theft will most likely result in higher rates because you will have to make a claim. But only if you have comprehensive insurance.




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